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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  October 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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a sea of red, standing room only but the cardinals were up before a lot of fannies even hit the streets. the rookie shortstop get a fastball into the middle of the plate and blisters it to left field. that a souvenir. for-0 nationals. st. louis take game 3, the final this afternoon. as you look at this series, the nationals find themselves down two games to none. have given up 20 runs in the last two games. we will hear from them coming up leader in sports. >> i think their inexperience is showing and the world champions have taken over. >> a bad feeling coming out of this one. >> it's not over. >> good to see you. we will see you shortly. >> and our team coverage, a lot of disappointment for the fans. a packed house as you would expect for the first playoff game in d.c. in decades. >> but the motion is not the
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same going in as it was coming out. let's go down to the ballpark for more. how does it feel out there right now? >> like you let the air out of the balloon. the last of the crowd is piling out of the stadium and a lot of very disappointed, dejected faces but still a lot of excitement about the team and of the return of playoff baseball to washington. >> the long-suffering washington baseball -- to long-suffering baseball fans, this is a would be day in baseball. >> i'm just out of my mind. >> this 79-year-old wait for baseball today and it. she says she had to skip work and root for her team. >> i used to come watch the senators play as a child. i just waited for the nationals and have been a huge fan. >> the team has represented the
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area so well. a chance to squeeze into the sold out part to wave a red rally flag and cheer them is something she did not want to miss. >> hopefully it's something i can tell my kids about. >> for this five-year old already a knowledgeable baseball fan, this day at the park with his dad will be when he will remember forever. this is his first major-league baseball game. >> i said i would taken to the playoffs, so everything worked out. it will be ok. >> this day started off with some much promise and excitement and ended with -- and quietly with the cardinals win. as one fan told me on the way out earlier, we have tomorrow. and a better one tomorrow, or they are eliminated from the playoffs. >> thank you.
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the aftermath of today's game was not pretty, but the exodus from the game on top of the commute is also not pretty. >> we've got that part of the story from southwest washington. >> as you can see right now things on 395. you can tell the cars are filled with nats fans because you can see a lot of red in those cars. it's just the sort of nightmare scenario a lot of people were trying to avoid today, but they're getting out just at the height of rush hour. >> their mission today, the same getting to and from the game. their mode of transport couldn't be any different. greg joe's of the metro for his trip from paul's church. >> the highway is going to be a mess. >> he and like-minded fan turn the green line into a sea of red. by 1:00, more than 10,000 fans
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had piled through the navy yard station. what donna took the most scenic route, the ferry from alexandria to that park. >> -- to nats park. >> [indiscernible] tickets to the boats to a playoff game sold out in hours the fastest pace all year. >> those who decided to take to the road had a little extra help getting there. the department of transportation added dozens more workers to keep things moving. >> let's try to reach out to see what they have to say about that. >> it worked out for gary to have a smooth drive in. but with 12,000 cars leaving navy yard during rush hour, his return trip could be a nightmare. >> if you're not a fan, you can handle traffic, don't come down here. >> a lot of cars on the road but
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things are moving smoothly and that might have been because a lot of fans started moving early. an estimated 12,000 cars made their way to the navy yard area as a result of the game and add that to 100,000 people who work downtown trying to get out of here, it could have been a lot worse than it is right now. >> our coverage of the nats'lost continues later in this newscast. you can sound off on today's facebook page. but please keep it clean. >> every time i go, it's a bad scene. >> the weather could not have been any better for a baseball game, no matter the outcome.
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>> the son has been out all day and temperatures are perfect. how long can we hang on to let has been called a perfect day weather wise? you said it was going to be a great and it was. >> some ups and downs, 67 with partly sunny skies. let's take you back to our rooftop camera. it didn't start out so pretty. fog, drizzle, low clouds and damp weather. but it turned into a beautiful day a fair weather clouds cleared out tonight as the cold front moved through. 43 in mchenry. germantown, 66. that colder air is headed our direction. 70 right now at reagan national. here comes the front, only a little bit of a wind shift and it will clear out and turn colder tonight. thirties in spots by warning. >> let's get to some breaking
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news in fairfax county -- news choppers 7 over the scene of a vre train that hit and killed a man on the tracks. that crash is leading to a lot of commuter issues tonight. let's go live to the scene for the latest. >> the train hit the passenger we're told an adult male, just a short distance behind me on the track. the preliminary investigation just wound down seconds ago. authorities permitted the train with its 200 passengers to continue on, but this area remains shut down. felt normally traveling through this area should expect delays. >> i saw that ambulance coming down and they were coming down the road and i was wondering what was happening. >> just after 2:00, a vre train stuck eight -- struck an adult on the tracks. >> the train was out here on the
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tracks, a dead stop immediately as a train can. >> authorities figure out if the victim put himself in harm's way or if he was struck accidentally. >> what could possibly happen? the circumstances surrounding it are we need to investigate now. >> a spokesperson told us that approximately 150 passengers were aboard the train. none were injured. vre arranged for buses to transport stranded passengers, but the investigation wrapped up quickly enough for the train and its passengers to continue on to manassas park. the spokesperson did tell me that the transit agency has provided buses at the burke station the burke center station and amasses park station to shuttle passengers around this mess. point, they have not provided us with estimated delay times. >> thank you. more breaking news now just
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coming in from northeast washington where police are on the scene in the trinidad neighborhood. what is the latest? >> just about one hour ago -- this is all unfolding directly across the street from the entrance to the university. a huge police presence still out here. police are not giving us information at this point, but they have told us that about 4:00 this afternoon, they responded to this area for a report of shots fired. when they arrived, they found a male victim, an adult male victim. they confirmed he passed away. neighbors say the victim is an 18-year-old male and a report hearing between five and seven shots. police are not giving us that much information. lots of police out here today, including the police chief. she is supposed to address the media in just a few mome i want to tell you that a man walked up a few minutes ago saying that the victim was his
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nephew. he could not tell us much, only that his family member was gone. police are on the lookout for a black male wearing a brown hoodie, and he escaped on a black bicycle. we will bring you more its mission when we have it. >> we will check back in the with you. thank you very much. return now to the campaign scandal surrounding d.c. mayor vincent great. we know the fate of a former campaign aide. howard brooks has been sentenced to 24 months' probation and ordered to perform 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to paying another candidate and making false statements. prosecutors recommended probation. two officers have pleaded guilty in charges connected to the scandal. >> we have much more coming just ahead. including a controversy at a local college campus.
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see why some -- why a high- ranking member is off the job. >> would you pay extra to eat dinner at a certain time? see where that might start to happen. >> a former nfl star turned actor. we will look back at the life of alex callas. >> a local reporter dies in a fire. coming up, find out
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>> the mother of a reporter who shot and killed us talking about it. >> she was found in her burning home and was killed by a gunshot to the neck. no one has been arrested in this case. we've got this story from our newsroom. >> very difficult to put into words what this mother is going through, but when she got word that her daughter had been shot to death, she said that was horrifying. >> i don't think a day goes by that i don't think ever. >> she now has only memories of a daughter she loved dearly, ripped out of her life three months ago. the 48-year-old reporter for the "winchester star" was found dead
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in her burned out home in virginia. now i newly released autopsy report reveals that her daughter was shot in the neck before the fire. a fire the mother cannot understand. >> was a lightning war what was it? i heard she was shocked the victim of a murder. i just can't understand how that could happen. i can't grasp it. >> in the month set -- in the months since the funeral, she gathered her belongings from work. what could be salvaged from the fire. >> very difficult. that's why i haven't done more of it. >> everything smells of smoke. >> i feel like she is there. >> her daughter's beloved camera survive the fire. her photography is best known in "equestrian world." nobody has been arrested in the
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july murder, but the sheriff's office says the case is a top priority. the mother returns condolence letters almost daily. >> he put music to it. and just the song and to listen to it, one of them is as i hope you had the time of your life. >> it's extremely painful. she says she has complete faith in the sheriff's detectives and says she knows they're working hard to solve the murder. >> thank you. the former nfl star turned actor who performed one of the most unforgettable scenes in television as he punched a horse in "blazing saddles" and was raised an orphan. he died this morning in los angeles. he was -- he suffered from kidney failure and dementia. alex karras was among the people who sue the nfl for head
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injuries. u.s. 77 years old. >> the meningitis outbreak in the u.s. continues to spread to night. new jersey is the latest of 10 states to report at least one case of meningitis tied to the contaminated steroid shots. the center for disease control reports 100 -- 137 cases nationwide including 12 deaths. health officials say there have been 24 cases, including one death. eight cases have been reported in maryland, including one death in maryland. >> we're learning more about the death of the panda cub at the national zoo tomorrow. the results of the necropsy will be released during a morning press conference. the panda cub died six days after birth. zoo officials say they are waiting for the official cause of death. >> on a much more pleasant subject, the weather today, at one of the nicest days i can remember. >> and it was so lousy looking earlier this morning.
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let me show you what you missed. in southern frederick county we started the day with a lot of low clouds and fog. that moved through quickly. that just cleared out. temperatures responded nicely and it turned out to be beautiful. still some clout to get through. clearing and colder weather tonight. 68 right now with the winds up fairly calm at the moment. 21 mile per hour gusts in the martinsburg. the winds have settled down to about 6 miles an hour. temperatures were chilly this morning. 48 in washington. 57 the low at reagan national airport. now up to 70 degrees. 66 degrees in gaithersburg and germantown. 69 degrees at quantico. through the evening hours, it will clear out.
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37-47 degrees, the range of temperatures heading into overnight hours. the cold air will transition through and the high pressure system will warm things up. then it goes just like that for seven days. not much chance of rain as we get to monday of next week. all precipitation well to the north. then it will offer other route and dissipate overnight. elsewhere, across the middle part of the country, not much whether action. a lot of action over head with a strong, gusty winds. that will move east tonight and high pressure will be the dominant force press. sonny tomorrow and cooler, in the low 60s with bright sunshine. friday will warm up, cool off on saturday and warm up on sunday.
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no major storms at all and no threat of rain for early next week. partly cloudy late tonight, 50 degrees. clear and chile in the morning. 58 degrees at midday. as we had through the afternoon, 52 for a high, but a bright sunny afternoon. 66 on f 63 on saturday with sunshine. up a little bit on sunshine. another cold front comes through and the temperatures will be back down. monday looks like a nice chance of showers. >> thank you. this is exciting tonight. it is the premier of asheville. a younger, newcomer hits the scene. >> i know you. >> thank you. >> and one that -- my mom was one of your biggest fan. she says i listened to you while
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i was in her belly. >> bless your heart, that they charming story. >> that begins tonight after one hour of "modern family." and stick around for abc said the news at eleven o'clock. much more ahead on this wednesday night. >> including a look at a very talented local young artist. >> 7 is on your site with a massive recall of millions of cars. see which company is affected and a dangerous problem your car my face. >>
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>> you are looking at the scene of a deadly parking deck collapse in miami. a fire and rescue spokesperson says the debt was under construction when it suddenly came crashing down. at least one person was killed in the collapse. one person was trapped and seven others are hurt. back here at home, some changes are coming to what will be riding taking the metro around town. >> we've got a look at some of the new features on the train cars we will be seeing in coming years. >> as soon as the doors open, you can see the difference, and
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everyone wanted a peek inside the new 7000 series railcar. colors pick because they are thought to be sitting. >> brighter, blue and gray. >> look for better back support. >> we wanted to be more inviting. we want more people to take metro. >> metro riders ask for these changes, some even took part in that process. you see new flying -- new flooring, american-style. >> red, white, blue appeal to the patriotic sense in washington, the nation's capital. >> new display boards let you know where you are and where you are going. once you get there, no worries about getting stuck in between the doors. a new system allows drivers to control the doors individually. for security, cameras are set up inside and the outside is designed to meet new safety standards. >> these cars are designed so
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that if there is a crash, it will absorb the crash rather than add to the trauma of the car itself. >> we showed the new rail car to folks who depend on it. >> it looks nice, but its expenses. >> production starts this winter in nebraska and they should be on the tracks in early 2014. >> straight ahead a century-old cemetery hit by vandals. you will see one person's effort to make it right an award he got for it return. >> a local teen denies he's a hero even know he had seven quick moves when his school i don't
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>> tonight a montgomery county high school student says he's no hero. >> that student has got a lot of credit for his actions after the driver of his school bus suffered some kind of physical collapse. the student says the driver, though barely able to actually averted disaster. >> it turned into a horrifying right to school last friday heading down the winding rural roads that lead to clarksburg high-school. something suddenly happened to the bus driver. >> he just went straight over. like he got knocked out. >> the russia -- the boston careened out of control. the driver, though incapacitated, managed to bring the bus to a stop just before slamming into a utility pole. the 17-year-old was on board. >> i was shaking when i went up
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to him and i picked up the bus radio and told another student to call 911. >> he was helping the bus driver off the bus. >> he said had the best on another 10 feet, it would have taken out by utility pole which he thinks could lead to tragedy. >> these are all electric, it would have went right on the bus. >> dustin says he didn't do anything special. just try to help someone in need. >> i just did what i thought was right. >> montgomery county school officials are investigating the accident. no word on the bus drivers condition. >> prince george's counties police are searching for a 4- year-old boy that may have been abducted by his father. always father got into the car and drove off with his son in the backseat. at this point, no names or descriptions have been released.
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>> time now for a look at the day's other top stories. attitude was on full display at nationals park but it wasn't enough to push the team to victory. the game against the cardinals was a disappointing eight to nothing lost. game 4 of the series will be an elimination game for the nationals. it set to start at 4:07 tomorrow afternoon. >> here is some video from news chopper 7 that shows the scene that day vre train that hit a man and kill them on the tracks near manassas park. the crash is leading to a lot of commuter issues tonight. an investigation is underway. >> the mother of a winchester newspaper reporter is talking about the ordeal. we learned yesterday that sarah greenhalgh was killed by gunshot to the neck. no one has been arrested in this case. >> a change for baltimore county schools -- the executive
5:33 pm
director of safety and security says a student was shot on the first day of school in august. a few weeks later a student was caught with a gun at the middle school. he said he would created office to deal with student safety. a man arrested wearing body armor and carrying a cache of weapons at los angeles international airport is not cooperating with investigators. he was taken into custody friday after agents found smoke grenades knives, a gas mask and other suspicious items it is checked bags. he was on his way home from japan to boston. authorities say they do not believe he is linked to any terrorist groups. >> some drivers gassed up to half -- for half price today thanks to a political protest. the gas can man showed up in arlington, allowing people to
5:34 pm
buy gas for $1.84 a gallon. that was the price before -- that was the price when january -- that was when president obama it took office in january. >> now for a check on the traffic situation. it does a look too good. >> it is a combination of folks leading the nationals game and folks leaving work at the same time. you have the perfect storm around the pentagon and duke street and around south capitol street. as you work your way to hundred 95 northbound, across from the douglass bridge, very slow out of town this afternoon. getting into maryland, not much for picnics. some additional on and off delays having passed the spur past college park toward baltimore washington parkway. slowing on and off as you head toward german town.
5:35 pm
that is the latest. >> coming up, should the time of day dictate how much you get charged for dinner out? we will see about that idea being tossed around. >> college art students -- we will show you how they're getting it done next. >> with a colder winter expected expect higher heating bills.
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>> for 20 years "people in our area have learned about being an artist and to the corcoran college of art and design. those mentors are tonight's harris' heroes. >> the art reached program is free, but the lessons in art and life these young people learn are priceless. high-school age kids focus on sketching, painting and costume making. >> this program helps boost confidence in my art and boosting my confidence is
5:39 pm
something adding that really need. >> this high-school senior was afraid at first to show us his work. >> i can show you. they are the forces of the apocalypse this is war, this is death, and conquest and famine. >> the more advanced students partner with more advanced -- partner with students from the college of design. >> following the collaboration with someone who has done more than you have done and more than you know in the art world. >> only 14-year-old alex has come so far. >> i used charcoal. >> expressing herself like never of four. >> it's a very dramatic. >> every weekend she is working on something new to present on
5:40 pm
monday. i love to see the passion and to see that creativity come to life. >> the students are really excited about their whereabouts product -- project. >> they're working on a project the ballet will wear. >> these young students are creating a very bright future for themselves. >> if you would like to learn more about the art reached program, just log on to >> thank you. up next, a pair of important recalls, including one for high chairs. plus, a warning about airbags tonight. important information you need to see if you have ever had one replaced. >> 7 is on your
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>> we are watching a controversy brewed on the campus of gallaudet university. angela mccaskill is on leave because of her stand on same-sex
5:44 pm
marriage. the university has released a statement on the situation. there is a measure on the ballot to approve same-sex marriage on the ballot in november. >> all it took was a check but it turned out to be a fraud. >> this volunteer firefighter is angry because his department was just taken by a scanner. >> the worst feeling is he's probably doing this to other people. this was not his first time. >> at station 15, the volunteer trucks are poised to serve their gear ready for when the alarm bell sounds. but to make that possible, the department relies on donations. its biggest fund-raising event is the september carnival. >> it is a warm and fuzzy
5:45 pm
feeling to be -- and to be lied and cheated doesn't feel good. >> while these pictures show the good times, they don't show the stammer who posed as a representative from mcdonald's. he used a fake check. >> it turned out he didn't work for mcdonald's. >> but he did use the tickets for themselves. >> he presented himself very well. we thought it was legitimate. >> this particular type of crime is becoming more common? >> it is easier. people can create fraudulent checks on the internet. >> if you are accepting a check from a stranger, ask to see a driver's license, address and telephone number. >> no one is immune. no organization or individual is immune. >> the volunteers had to eat the $500 loss at a time when fund- raising is not easy. >> every dollar is really important for us. >> we made mcdonald's where the
5:46 pm
situation and the company confirms it was a state check saying they are very disappointed to know someone would use their name and brand in this way. they say the mcdowells family of washington will make a $500 donation to the fire department. >> a good ending to that. if you have a story for seven on your side, we want to hear from you. the number to call is on your screen, or you can send an e- mail. >> some recall news to tell you about tonight -- a recall of classic wooden highchairs because the seats come loose and cause children to fallout. the company has received reports of 58 seats coming with. nine children have fallen and suffered bumps bruises and in one case, a concussion. we have a list of the models at
5:47 pm
toyota is recalling nearly 7.5 million vehicles because of a faulty power windows which that could catch fire. this affects about a dozen models including highlander, corolla, and rav4. a status which might feel sticky or difficult to move. no injuries have been reported. you can see list of the vehicles impacted at >> not a recall, but a warning that your call could have a counterfeit air bags. more than a quarter million cars are susceptible to have their air bags replaced with fakes. in crash tests, the fixed not deploy and some even shot shrapnel out of the steering wheel. dealerships can be an exception to verify your airbag is real. but that cost up to $200. >> proved that timing is everything -- next time you go out to each in new york city,
5:48 pm
you may pay more not for what you buy, but what time you arrive. one restaurant is talking about formalizing a prime-time price increase. for most restaurants, prime time means between 7:30 at 8:00. those customers might see a surcharge on their bill. some customers said they might be willing to pay more for the peak time reservation. >> you have to go for that early bird special. >> we felt like senior citizens. [laughter] let's see what's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> gordon peterson as a look at what's ahead. >> what a look for answers at the capitol hill as far as the attack in libya and the administration's response to that. whether security was adequate, apparently it was not. democrats say it is politically motivated but republicans say it is not. protesters gathered outside the
5:49 pm
supreme court today. we will tell you why college students are at the middle of this heated debate. >> we will see you in just a bit. >> we have a gorgeous day today. we will get to the weather in just a second, but coming up, finding happiness -- katie couric will talk to the author of "the happiness project." does money buy happiness? she will have the answers tomorrow at 4:00. >> i think good weather goes a long way toward making as happy. >> absolutely. >> i am one of those weather- sensitive people. sunshine go along way in my book. a live look across the city, the roosevelt bridge with a few problems, waiting for the cold front to clear. as it does, skies will clear out. 66 in gaithersburg. when out of the west and
5:50 pm
southwest. the further west you go, that's a good sign on the backside of the cold front. that will drop the temperatures. the precipitation through pennsylvania and upstate new york, partly cloudy by later tonight. a chilly start to the morning. it will be pleasant with sunshine. here's a timeline of the temperatures during the home game tomorrow. the first pitch dropping into the upper 50s and mostly clear skies. temperatures warm up that on friday dropped again and add more bond sunday. then another cold front. check out our online home for abc seven weather. we have a post about the international space station. you can get a better chance to get a good look at it tomorrow night. >> look who is here. >> i like that.
5:51 pm
>> they've missed you guys. >> i want to thank everybody out there for their e-mail and texts that are overwhelming. most of the excitement at the state was prior to the first pitch. it has been 79 years since washington hosted a post-season baseball game. everyone should be decided that the defending world champions took the national to school today. edward jackson was your pitcher giving up pitches to the first nine batters. the cardinals take this in do you see play and a three-run shot. the air came out of the stadium. top of the it, the cardinals put an exclamation point on this thing. a single to left field -- 8-0 at a sad day in dc. the nats find themselves down at two games to one. what is the latest from the
5:52 pm
players in the house quaestor >> ian desmond was hitting 583 and afterwards he told us he is letting the pitch and the play come to him, not buying into the playoffs buzz. but as for the rest of the locker room, it was very somber. >> we had the best team in baseball for reason. there's no doubt we're are just coming out and doing the job tomorrow. >> we still love the chance of winning the series. >> against the nationals, the last two starts, he had a 6.94 era, all but a promising new is going into a do-or-die game tomorrow. >> the name and no one is talking about is stephen stras
5:53 pm
bourg and like it or not, that's going to come into the conversation. robert griffin the third took another step in getting back into the lineup. but he still has to prepare for the vikings game with or without rg3. the skins were on the field with shorts and a helmet. he did not take his normal practice field reps and that a positive sign. he didn't say who would start if rg3 cannot go. the good news is he's back on the field and he looked sharp today. the nats lose, and now they are up against it. >> we are happy you are here. >> get lost. [laughter] up next, -- >> the story of a local teenager's eagle scout project.
5:54 pm
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>> a local family cemetery is back in order think to the hard- working efforts of an eagle scout. >> the cemetery was a bad allies after was cleaned up. that upset the scouts so much that he went out and did something about it. >> he found the old cemetery last year. >> it was discussed for many years to have a restored so we decided to take a hike through the woods and find it. >> when he needed an eagle scout project, he knew exactly what to do. >> when he saw the damage in the trees everywhere and knew that if you didn't know something -- didn't do something about it, it would be gone forever. it was 150 hours worth of work. >> he built benches installed a moat and when he returned weeks later, this is what he found. >> when i saw the broken stones,
5:58 pm
i just couldn't take it. it was so hard to look at. >> police have no suspects and justin doesn't see how anyone can do it. this old family plot helps tell the history of this area. the land was bought in 1751. that is the shattered tombstone of his son's right there and here is the tombstone of his son reuben, born in 1775. the family was farmers and there's a theory this unmarked tombstone could be that of a slave. just is not giving up. the help of a cemetery group, he's going to reassemble at stones. >> it the big jigsaw puzzle, but i think it can be done. >> we are pulling for you. that's all for us at 5:00. >> are they disappointed are
5:59 pm
still hopeful? we will hear from nats fans of following the first playoff game in d.c. and eight decades. >> a heated topic that affects millions of american families brought protestors out to the supreme court today. and the president says he was too polite in the first debate. what can we expect tomorrow when the running mates square off? live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> in front of a record crowd at home, the nationals rode out on a disappointing loss. >> the cardinals have taking a 221 series over the national spirit fans are making their way home tonight in what is a challenging rush-hour. >> let's go live outside nationals park to report on how the fans are feeling. >>


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